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Data Append Services

At Global Reuters, Data Appending or Email Append is a Reach Marketing data enhancement service that accurately appendsnames, postal addresses and telephone numbers to your customer records for your specific needs. Why use Reach Marketing’s Reverse Email Append Services?

With more data and more choices, its easier than ever to learn about your customers and prospects

ConsumerView Now is the latest data appending service that provides businesses like yours with a deeper understanding of consumers’ characteristics by overlaying demographic information and Mosaic USA household lifestyle segmentation on to your file any time day or night.

  • Define unique attributes of your best and most profitable customers
  • Anticipate likely future behaviors and buying trends
  • Identify prospects most like your best customers for new growth opportunities

Time-Saving Targeted Packages Or Custom Append

We’ve made the enrichment process easy by putting together data packages containing the most popular data elements for general profiling or specific industries. Click on any package to see the price and list of data elements included.

Telecommunications Digital Families
Household Profile Household Insights
Buyer Propensity Custom Selections
Energy & Utilities Financial Services
Healthcare Insurance
Media Non-Profit
Consumer View Basic Travel, Leisure & Gaming
Political & Government Catalog, Retail & eTail
How to Get Started

1. Select from one of the pre-defined data packages or build your own set of data.

2. Upload your customer list to GLOBAL REUTERS. Don’t worry, your data is 100% secure and we never share or sell this information.

3. GLOBAL REUTERS will match your customer records to the data elements in your package and notify you as soon as your file is complete.

4. Log back in to complete your registration, purchase, and download your appended file